Feeling A Little Fenced In This Holiday Season? Not To Worry. It’s Going Around.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018 by Kevin W. Reszel


With all the pomp and circumstance a festive rolled paper product and plastic sippy lid can muster, Starbucks ushered in the 2018 holiday season with the introduction of the much anticipated holiday cup designs.  So, why am I feeling fenced in?  I blame it on the caffeine, the conduit, and a bright green holiday cup Starbucks has dubbed, the Stargyle.  

Before I go any further, please allow me the opportunity to provide the following consumer-centric ‘I am’ series of disclaimers.  I am ... currently and have been for many years, a proud Starbucks Gold Card member in good standing.  I am ... a huge fan of many a Starbucks hot and cold brewed beverage.  I am ... often in awe of the amazing Starbucks baristas, concocting holiday libations and seasonal sensations at breakneck speed without turmoil, trial or TIPulation.

Last weekend, while waiting impatiently for my venti skinny vanilla latte, I found myself transfixed on the ever-growing line of townies fresh from Sunday worship, streaming into one of five tri-city Starbucks to get their post pious perc me up.  As my gaze lifted from the counter, I spied the Starbucks holiday products promotional prop-up table, brimming with seasonal tchotchkes.  Immediately my bemused brain landed upon a pattern foreign to the festive holiday setting.  Like many people first laying eyes upon the Starbucks Stargyle holiday cup design, I couldn’t help but see ... stars.  Though after a moment or two, the stars faded into a cylindrical wall of what can only be described as a galvanized or in this case, galFUNized jolly-esk LLDPED-coated steel wire netting (technical industry vernacular), more commonly known as chain link fence.  And then it occurred to me!  Of course!  Chain link fence!  Anyone that knows anything about festive holiday design 'knows' with absolute certainty that nothing screams happy holidays more than the sight of an exterior product erected for such merry uses as backyard dog runs, construction site enclosures, and the visual deterrence or the last line of defense at a maximum security prison.

Could this fence-folly be a new holiday trend?  Tis the season to break out the trees, the trim, and the diamond-mesh barricade!  Forget the big box craft and art stores for your holiday decor.  All you need do to deck the halls is stop by your local Home Depot for a 12-foot blue spruce and a few yards of chain link fence.  Whether a new holiday trend or fleeting seasonal suggestion, the Starbucks Stargyle chain link holiday cup design left me feeling a little cold and yet, I sense there’s something more.  A strong feeling of community and restoration has taken hold since my first encounter with this holiday beverage vessel with the unconventional zig-zag woven design.

It’s as though the Starbucks Stargyle holiday cup design is subliminally beckoning me to do more this holiday season.  To perform an act of kindness for someone from my past whose voice has fallen silent during bygone holiday seasons.  Maybe the Starbucks Stargyle holiday cup design is pressing me into service, to create a moment of gratitude and forgiveness.  An opportunity to do something as yet undone.  To renew an old friendship or, to 'mend a fence' with a colleague or loved one. 

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