A Vine Time to Use Vine to Promote Festival of The Vine Participation

Thursday, September 05, 2013 by Kevin W. Reszel

Congrats on your participation in one of the greatest Geneva events of the season ... Festival of The Vine (FOTV)!  Savvy business owners like yourself know all too well that sponsoring and/or participating in FOTV is a great way to further the awareness of your brand, products and services.  

As the owner of a tri-city area marketing coaching/consultancy, I create remarkable iDEAVERTISING opportunities for regional businesses everyday. Recently, I turned my attention to Geneva's annual end of summer send off, Festival of The Vine.  The word 'VINE' is key here.  A tailor-made opportunity for businesses already utilizing social media in their overall strategic and tactical marketing campaigns.

What is this iDEAl opportunity?  In a word ... VINE.  Twitter's Vine app that is!  Vine is a FREE smartphone app that boasts 40 million registered users!! The good news is ... even now, it's still a VINE time ;-) to use Vine to tap into thousands of FOTV festival-goers.  

So ... you may be asking yourself ... How exactly do I use Vine to create awareness for my business during FOTV?  Good question! Here's the answer ... by inviting those same festival-goers frequenting your business to quickly shoot and upload their Vine videos while in your place of biz!! Vine videos are shot in six-second intervals.  It only takes a few additional seconds for your customers to upload their Vine video, select their location and mention your biz in the Vine video caption.  Ask customers to mention your business name in a hashtag or, you can create and promote your own unique campaign hashtag for the FOTV weekend. If you do this, be sure to promote the unique FOTV hashtag on your own social media assets; Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Asking your customers to create Vine videos at your place of business is the first step. Best to alert them to this fun fact by placing signs in and around your biz during FOTV.  We call these 'PromoDirection' VineSigns.  See a sample below.  We know you're busy with last minute FOTV details so please feel free to download a large generic VineSign sample here. Select the PDF to begin downloading. Once downloaded, you can print and hang this generic VineSign in your place of business quickly.

bulletlistitem3 Download Generic VineSign Here

We hope this information was helpful.  Have an wonderful Festival of The Vine weekend!!