Marketing Your Home Staging Biz On Halloween? Be Sure to Wear Your 'Guerrilla' Costume

Monday, October 28, 2013 by Kevin W. Reszel

Halloween is upon us.  Don't miss out on a BOOtiful way to SCARE up some prospective customers and sales for your Home Staging Biz! Think about it!  On ALL Hallow's Eve, we ALL distribute candy and treats to neighborhood children dressed in their Halloween finest! So ... what do ALL these young holiday revelers have in common?  They ALL live in a HOME IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD!  Savvy Stagers will see this as an opportunity to TREAT children and prospective Home Staging clients as well.  How?  By distributing a little something for the kiddies and the homeowners too!  

Here's a quick and simple way to get in the Halloween Spirit!  Slip on your Guerrilla Costume and promote your Home Staging Biz by following these steps:

1.  Stop by your local dollar store and pick up several bags of Smarties®.

2.  Grab a stack of your business cards.

3.  Write this message on the back of your business cards ... "Selling Your Home?  Be a STAGING SMARTIE!  Stage To Sell Your Home!  Ask Me How.  No TRICK a TREAT."  Then, sign your first name.

4.  Staple the end of one individual Smarties® treat wrapper to the end of one of your cards so that the hand-written message on the back of the card is still visible.

5.  Repeat based on the number of treats and cards you would like to distribute.

6.  When the doorbell rings, drop your Smarties® treat message in TRICK OR TREAT bags along with other assorted goodies.  ;-)

Don't forget, Mom and Dad will probably be going through all candy before allowing their kids to gorge themselves on their Halloween Holiday Haul!  Great opportunity for the homeowners to spot your unique awareness offering.

For those of you that don't have Smarties® around the house, you can do this with any wrapped piece of candy.  The message for the back of your card in this case would be ... "STAGING IS A SWEET WAY TO SELL YOUR HOME!  Ask Me How.  No TRICK a TREAT." Then, sign your first name.

The main message here is to have fun with your Halloween holiday marketing!  Think outside the ... TRICK OR TREAT bag!  ;-)  And more importantly, don't miss out on this awesome opportunity to create awareness for your Home Staging Brand and Biz in your own backyard!