60-Second Helping: Morgan Stanley "The Pursuit/Anthem"

Tuesday, July 09, 2013 by Kevin W. Reszel

The new 60-second television spot and print campaign for Morgan Stanley, while visually impressive, doesn't exactly 'WORK' for me.  In the end, it all comes down to the terrible T's; tag line and talent.  

LOVE the integration of art and history to help 'ILLUSTRATE' the overall wealth management/promise of capitalism positioning.  

LIKE the 3-D visual appeal.  The use of murals and live actors creates a 'ROCKWELL-IAN' meets Modern Day 'COMFUSION' (that's the good kind of fusion when messages effectively communicate/relate to the target audience).  

NO-LIKEY the tag line and talent. In fact, I feel it's these two components that make for a jarring end to what is otherwise, a well-crafted campaign.  

The tag line "We are Morgan Stanley. And we're ready to work for you."  Yikes!  Might conjure thoughts in the minds of current clientele ... "I see.  Just so we're clear, I understand from viewing your new television spot and print ad that NOW you're ready to work for me?  So what were you doing before?"  Also.  Could this tag be possibly interpreted as an admission that someone might not have been working all that hard before but NOW ... they're ready to buckle-down?  

Finally.  The selection of the primary talent/actor left me with a feeling of 'CONFUSION' (that's the bad kind of fusion when messages do not effectively communicate/relate to the target audience) when it comes to the overarching Campaign Customer Value Proposition (CCVP); Morgan Stanley is - ready to work, ready to roll up the sleeves, ready to get down to biz, ready to help me prosper.  If that's the case, then please refrain from showing me the type of individual commonly referred to as a corporate 'SUIT', wearing what appears to be a very expensive business 'SUIT' of armor, semi-sternly pontificating about what may or may not be 'SUITABLE' for me when it comes to my own wealth management 'PURSUITS'.