Why No End of The World Sales?

Wednesday, December 19, 2012 by Kevin W. Reszel

If the Mayans are correct, we're only a scant two-days away from the end of the world and yet, I haven't seen one End of The World Sale ... ad. How is this possible? I fully anticipated an onslaught of campy/over the top "End Of The World Sale (EOTW/S)" ads on tv, radio, the web, social media, email, etc.  To my dis'mayan', I've yet to hear, see or read one ad taking full advantage of this shameless promotional opportunity! I had my heart set on seeing, reading, hearing such phrases as ... Everything Must Go ... Have You Been Dying To Get Your Hands On A New (Insert Product/Brand Name Here) ... This Sale Is So Crazy, It Will Be The Death of Us ... and so on. But no!  Not one mention of the EOTW in any advertisement.  iDEAl businesses and industries that missed the boat on prospective EOTW campaigns include; Funeral Homes (offering EOTW BOGO sales), Travel Agencies (offering EOTW escape junkets to Vegas because now more than ever 'what happens in Vegas STAYS IN VEGAS ... FOR ETERNITY), Health Clubs (offering EOTW get skinny in time for the afterlife), etc.  Instead, it's biz as usual with the normal juggernaut of holiday ads.  How ironic! Retailers are pushing their wares on the all consuming public, ringing up sales of items that may'an' or may'anot' be of any use to anyone after December 21st.  It appears that many advertisers missed possibly THE GREATEST promotional opportunity of all time, neglecting to think outside the box ... which in this case could very well be a coffin!