Yeah!  iDEAVERTISING is ALOT like Rudolph's Red Nose.  When it comes to creating tremendous awareness, questions need to be asked.  Questions like:  Was Rudolph UNIQUE from all the other reindeers?  Heck YES!  Did his 'DISTINCTION' create attention? YES!  Because of his UNIQUE and DISTINCT features, did Rudolph make a HUGE DIFFERENCE when called upon?  ABSOLUTELY!  Like we said ... sounds just like iDEAVERTISING

So you're probably thinking right about now ... did Kevin and Lizbeth give us the same gift they sent to their clients?  What's with all this "iDEAVERTISING" hub bub.  The honest answer is NO ... we did not give you the same gift as our clients!  OK.  Kind of the same gift ... but not exactly.  ;-)  You see, we belive that iDEAVERTISING is more than Kevin's business. It's a state of mind.  Something you can adopt in everything you do. Just look at what Rudolph did.

Bonus Gift:  The Gift of Laughter.  Check this out ... "Raging Rudolph." 

Happy Holidays from Kevin, Lizbeth, Zack and Nick!  May the New Year bring you peace, joy and ... lots of wonderful iDEAs to improve your career, life, relationships, etc.