OPERATION ReStoreATION promotional program


Looking to "pay it forward" in your local community while at the same time creating tremendous awareness for your business? If so, we have the perfect promotional program for you ... OPERATION ReStoreATION!  Working in conjunction with local and state Habitat For Humanity affiliates, OPERATION ReStoreATION is a truly unique turnkey promotional and awareness program for those working in the real estate industry.

Whether you are a Realtor/Broker/Owner/Agent, Home Stager, Senior Mover, Estate Sales Organization, Financial Institution/Mortgage Company, Professional Organizer or Real Estate Developer/Remodeling Company ... OPERATION ReStoreATION offers a multitude of awareness/marketing opportunities for your business to keep you top-of-mind in your region.  From websites to social media, (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.,), location-based offers/deals (Foursquare, Yelp, Google+) to email marketing and public relations/publicity ... participation in OPERATION ReStoreATION will give you the promotional power to set yourself apart from your competition and engratiate yourself, your brand, your goods and services and your biz into the hearts and minds of current and prospective customers!

Through your participation in this incredibly unique promotional program ... promotional aspect aside ... YOU will be supporting a wonderful organization (Habitat For Humanity) and their efforts/cause through your local Habitat For Humanity ReStore.

bulletlistitem3  HOW IT WORKS!  TAKE A TOUR of the OPERATION ReStoreATION program.




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OPERATION ReStoreATION is NOT a Habitat For Humanity program.  OPERATION ReStoreATION is a promotional program developed by RESZEL iNDUSTRIES, iNC to assist real estate professionals in creating awareness and make donations to regional Habitat For Humanity ReStores.  Habitat For Humanity is a licensed trademark of Habitat For Humanity. All rights reserved.