Feedback from our clients is the cornerstone of creative collaboration and campaign execution. Please take a moment to review a sampling of our client and vendor/partner testimonials.  To add your company name to the growing list of RESZEL iNDUSTRIES iDEAVERTISING clients, contact us today. 


bulletlistitem3  Haldane King, CEO, King Brown Partners Inc. |  "Kevin is a skilled and capable marketer with rich credentials in interactive products and services. He is especially well versed in financial products and services and has the marketing background to translate those capabilities into virtually any other industry."

bulletlistitem3  Carolyn Stieger, Owner, We Stage Greater Detroit, LLC  | "I have enjoyed working with Kevin on several projects for my home staging company. He is a professional, marketing expert and delivers results. I met Kevin several years ago and we worked together on a huge project for 24 Ronald McDonald Houses' across the U.S. and Canada. I will use Kevin in the future for any and all of my marketing needs."

bulletlistitem3  Mark Mohr, CEO, StudioNorth, Inc. | "Kevin operates strategically and creatively in everything he embraces. Add in his dynamic personality and you have the total package."

bulletlistitem3  Shane Riley, Vice President, ProSource Wholesale | "Kevin started our entire internet department at Drone & Mueller. His dedication, persistance and creativity helped grow the business into one of the top internet consulting firms in St. Louis."

bulletlistitem3  Bob Baty-Barr, Umbraco Web Developer | "In my constant search for mutually beneficial business relationships, Kevin stands out on top of my list. Kevin fosters a truly coloborative relationship where all parties are able to shine at their brightest. He offers clear, concise and connected information that provides for excellent outcomes. “I have partnered with Kevin and Reszel Industries on several projects that involve unique and highly creative strategies and execution. Kevin is a 'must-have' member of any team looking to create strategy that can be held accountable, yet has an extremely high level of impact and creativity."

bulletlistitem3  Michelle Weiss Rosen, Owner, Michelle W. Rosen LLC | "Kevin is one of the most creative, yet professional people I've ever worked with. He'll never settle for an "okay" solution — he won't rest until he's developed the most inspired solution for your challenge. Kevin is smart, talented and a brilliant marketer."

bulletlistitem3  Chuck Fischer, Web Designer | "I’ve never worked with someone as friendly, professional or as knowledgeable as Kevin Reszel. His energy and commitment to developing great ideas, mind blowing marketing solutions, and quality products, makes him one of my favorite partners to work with.  I always know when I am working with Kevin, in the end, I’m going to be proud of what we’ve accomplished."

bulletlistitem3 Chas Schinzer, Owner, Chax Schinzer Consulting | “Hopefully, you're reading this to seriously consider Kevin for his professional services. Kevin is open, accessible, creative.; he leads well and encourages teams to realize the value of being a team.  Additionally, he understands the mediums for messaging in their dynamic form. He balances good ideas with reasonable metrics - allowing a managed process to develop from ideas.  Beyond that, he's one of the more positive people you'll engage - enjoy the time you spend with him!"

*For additional client and vendor partners testimonials, please see Kevin Reszel's professional profile on Linkedin.